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Termite/Dry Rot Damaged Wood?

Three days ago I got a frantic call from a lady who actually was crying. Seems she had contracted with a major Big Box Store to have her roof re-done. This operation, who uses Sub-Contractors, charged this lady $11,000. for her new roof. By the time her roofing job had been completed, this unscrupulous business added an additional $12,000., bringing the total cost of her job to a whopping $23,000!

The lady obviously was upset and told the company that she thought the amount was ridiculous and vehemently protested the additional charge. The company smugly referred her to the "fine print" of her contract and sure enough, she read the clause carefully and found that she had fully agreed to the replacement of the rotted wood, with absolutely no opportunity to verify footage, sheets of plywood, fascia boards, etc. She contemplated not paying the bill, but ultimately decided that the challenge of hiring lawyers, etc. would simply drain her, both emotionally, as well as financially.

So, how do you prevent this type of unscrupulous contractor abuse? Simple; As President
Reagan taught all America, "Trust But Verify!" The question then becomes "Sure, but how do I do that?"

With Raneri and Long, It's simple! First, it's absolutely impossible to determine the full extent of rotted wood until the roof is completely removed, which will then expose any problem areas. Any rotted wood absolutely needs to be replaced. You cannot install new roofing on old, rotted wood. The solution? Raneri and Long, in the course of the job, will remove any dry rotted/termite damaged wood, replacing it properly so as not to leave the premises open to the weather. R&L will then neatly stack any plywood, fascia boards,. eave starter boards, etc. on the ground, out of the way. This will allow our customer to verify, measure footage, etc., removing all doubt as to the veracity of the wood replacement. The subject wood will then, by job completion, be hauled away with any other debris, leaving the premises clean.

Does this procedure take us a little more time? Certainly! Do we care? Not at all! At Raneri and Long, we want you to be fully satisfied, with the peace of mind that comes with verification.

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September 5, 2017
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